June 18, 2011


L, is for the way you look on me
I, is for your irresistibility
T, is for totally totally extraordinary
A, is all the things you are!

Remember when we only had the Lita in the taupe suede and you really wanted the black leather? Well we have them in AGAIN (and you know how quick they sell out!) Now you don't have only two colors to choose from but FIVE!!!!
Come in, try em on, fall in love and wear them to the club, school, church, the park, a meeting, a date, or in your home (like I do!).
I want to sleep, eat, and bathe in these shoes, and you would too!
Imagine buying all five pairs, that's Lita five days a week, and on those other two days you can wear the Everest (but that's a whole different obsession on its own!)



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