July 30, 2007

Ping Pong Hustle

We were at the parkside friday night to see my friend nikkis band the departed. while waiting for them to go on scott and i decided to play some ping pong; nikki and i had been playing eralier in the evening. she lost. anyway while warming up scott was missing the ball, hitting it off the table, and in general doing very poorly. he asked if i wanted to play a dollar a ball until 21. i thought to myself that i would surely come up for he had been drinking as well. as soon as the bet was on though he got real good. spinning back handed balls flew by me with ease. the asshole hustled me. who hustles ping pong games? furthermore who hustles their friends at ping pong? i lost six dollars. watch out for this man

Richard Jule Campus King

Thats Right! I am now the Campus King! The Adidas Campus is my all time favorite shoe. I Just got 4 pairs, all of them flossy.

-Navy leather, cheddar cheese sole
-German white, black stripes, bright red sole
-Black, red stripes, white sold with red bottom
-royal blue, white strips

at home i have 2 pairs of classic black and white
navy and white, tan and white, jet blue and black stipes and white leather with blue stripes with orange bottom. Its too bad i dont take super care of them. I'm Bloggin 5000!!!

What do we have at Shoe Biz Valencia?
Classic Black and White

Pick some up before Adidas takes them away for another 2 years. or dont pick them up thats just more for me byatch!!!

-Richard Jule

July 26, 2007


So this week has been really busy with nike. We got Back to school Pack, Klaw Women Blazers, and some random Vandels and 90's with lime pop. All for sure to sell out soon, so get your pair before they do!

New Balance "Vegas Pack"

If you like poker then you will like these newbies

Converse Red

Check out the Converse Red styles that just came in this week. Converse Red was created for AIDS awarness. Also a percentage goes toward research. So come get a pair!

July 24, 2007

Employees of the Month

July 23, 2007

Sweet lamp

i got this for my friend. its her birthday tonight. i think its rad, it even has a spot to put a picture.

July 22, 2007

Art show/ Birthday party

We had a party to celebrate the renovation of our store by james and I, as well as my birthday and the departure of Kristen :(
If you click on party pics on our website you can see some pictures.

July 17, 2007

July 15, 2007

MLB All Star game 2007

I officially became Upper Playground’s Mascot on All Star Game day. It was a dream come true because I’ve always looked up to the great ones like Lou-seal , the Elephant of the A’s and the dude form the Phillies. Fun ass jobs and all sorts of retardedness. He are a few pics of me looking hot! More are on Upper Playgrounds blog.

Benefit for Tinkture drummer Roisin Isner

July 11, 2007

James caught with his pants down

Sometimes his bathroom breaks take rather long. at first i thought he was a junkie. after seeing these pics though, i no longer know what to think...

July 10, 2007

Our August add in Juxtapoz

If you dont already subscribe to this magazine you should.

July 9, 2007

Super Ugly (Unified School District)

Holding it down... is super ugly helping us with a bad ass painting on one of our doors.

"Get Exposed" at Minna

I went to my friends party at Minna last saturday. heres some pics. everyones very excited.

RE: Do you carry Yosuke shoes?

Sorry we dont :(

July 3, 2007

Went to Oakland this morning.

We went to Oakland this morning to go visit Nike. It felt like a field trip. I saw this van in the parking lot of the Carrows were we had breakfast after the meeting.

July 2, 2007

We were supposed to have a race.

Not too long ago Richard learned how to ride a bike. Soon after this Richard and Kristen bought new BMXs. I would then hear complaint after complaint by Richard about how Kristen would ditch him on bike rides. This would provoke nothing but laughter on my part. If he cant keep up with a five foot girl on a bike ride, I think the problem lay not with her, but rather his bike riding skills and conditioning… “My bike is heavier than hers”, he would exclaim. Anyway, Kristen thought it might be a nice idea to have a race, I agreed. I have a little BMX bike as well, therefore it would be a race between the three of us and Richard would have first choice of which of the three bikes he would want to ride. This would remove the “heavy” element which was always his disadvantage in the past. Furthermore, Richard decided that the race needed to be on flat ground, no hills. We decided we would race in the parking lot of City College when school wasn’t in session. All of us were excited. Even with the advantage of picking any of the three bikes I honestly believe that Richard cannot beat Kristen. Two days ago, when trying to confirm a date for the race Richard backed out. I think he knows he can’t beat her too…

BBQ at Noe Valley Shoe Biz

Hanks Big Burger


James was master griller of the evening

Kristen catching Hank taking home bbq with his novalty over size tuppeware

Burger be good


The Original Odd couple