April 28, 2007

Reebok/Shoe Biz collaboration

I remember when they first released the Reebok pump. I was in grade school and my uncle Joe came over ecstatic with a brand new white pair. I thought nothing could be better than the shoe my short stocky uncle was wearing. I was wrong though. With less than 70 pairs available of this limited release shoe; I never dreamed it possible… I never would have dreamed that they could bring my favorite animal and my favorite shoe together. Yes these Reebok pumps and court victorys have an embroidered dinosaur on the back, with dinosaur printed leather! This is no coincidence though. Brought to you exclusively by the Shoe Biz “Dinostore” courtesy of its fearless leader Chano, we have him to thank. I already have my pair, don’t sleep on yours. Thank you Chano. Thank you Dinostore. Thank you for making my dream come true!