April 25, 2011

Welcome Back Lita!

Image courtesy of: www.shoebizsf.com


So as most of you know, Lita is one hard chick to find, even more of a hassle to own; she's sellin' out everywhere! Of course, no surprise, ShoeBiZ has your back! We just got the Litas in once again in the beautiful Taupe Suede! So what are you doing still reading this? Get up and get your pair at our Haight and Masonic store before Lita decides to sell out again!



April 16, 2011

ShoeBizSF x Alan Gonzalez - The Wonder Years Artshow

ShoeBiz x Alan Gonzalez proudly presents "The Wonder Years" Artshow.
Drawing inspiration through adolescence.
Here are some highlights of the event that happened at ShoeBiz Valencia April 2nd, 2011.
"Urkel" T-Shirts are $10 and are available at DinoStore (Haight) and Valencia Stores.
For every "Urkel" shirt that sells, ShoeBiz will match the
sales and donate the proceeds to Japan Earth Quake Relief Fund.
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Shoebiz x Alan Gonzalez gives a special thanks to all those that helped with the event;
Stick-E One, Mr. Robinson, Miss Moni, babies, 90 Heads, PUTrid, Dissobayish,
and of course everyone that came out to check out the event.
Thank you all for coming out and supporting.
Brought to you by your friends at ShoeBizSF.
visit us at www.shoebizsf.com

April 8, 2011

ShoeBizSF x Toms Event

Here are some highlights of our ShoeBiz x Toms shoes x Youth Against Poverty Event we had at ShoeBiz Noe Store March 26, 2011. Thank you all for coming out and supporting. It was a good event and for a good cause.