July 30, 2007

Richard Jule Campus King

Thats Right! I am now the Campus King! The Adidas Campus is my all time favorite shoe. I Just got 4 pairs, all of them flossy.

-Navy leather, cheddar cheese sole
-German white, black stripes, bright red sole
-Black, red stripes, white sold with red bottom
-royal blue, white strips

at home i have 2 pairs of classic black and white
navy and white, tan and white, jet blue and black stipes and white leather with blue stripes with orange bottom. Its too bad i dont take super care of them. I'm Bloggin 5000!!!

What do we have at Shoe Biz Valencia?
Classic Black and White

Pick some up before Adidas takes them away for another 2 years. or dont pick them up thats just more for me byatch!!!

-Richard Jule

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