July 2, 2007

We were supposed to have a race.

Not too long ago Richard learned how to ride a bike. Soon after this Richard and Kristen bought new BMXs. I would then hear complaint after complaint by Richard about how Kristen would ditch him on bike rides. This would provoke nothing but laughter on my part. If he cant keep up with a five foot girl on a bike ride, I think the problem lay not with her, but rather his bike riding skills and conditioning… “My bike is heavier than hers”, he would exclaim. Anyway, Kristen thought it might be a nice idea to have a race, I agreed. I have a little BMX bike as well, therefore it would be a race between the three of us and Richard would have first choice of which of the three bikes he would want to ride. This would remove the “heavy” element which was always his disadvantage in the past. Furthermore, Richard decided that the race needed to be on flat ground, no hills. We decided we would race in the parking lot of City College when school wasn’t in session. All of us were excited. Even with the advantage of picking any of the three bikes I honestly believe that Richard cannot beat Kristen. Two days ago, when trying to confirm a date for the race Richard backed out. I think he knows he can’t beat her too…

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