June 21, 2011


Shoebiz's Adidas concept shop is launching Adidas originals BLUE line. Stop by the store on 1420 Haight on Saturday the 25th!!! FUNFUNFUN!! Not only will we have all the exclusive gear, we're having an event! Bboy/Bgirl challenge starts at 1pm, live djs, live painting and much more. Everyone is invited, so bring all your friends and family!
And yes, that's what you think it is...BLUE M&Ms, made especially for the event. Even us, employees aren't even allowed to open these bad boys up. So...you better make it to the event on time before we devour these! NOMNOMNOM!!!
So...let's talk about "blue." This is the FIRST and ONLY launch of the "blue" line. We have both men's and women's clothing and shoes! Sneakers, sandals, jeans, skirts, shorts, pants, dresses tops, jackets, sweaters!!! Get ready for the summer and get fitted from top to bottom in Adidas BLUE. All the clothes come in an interesting combinations of colors that are truly unique and FRESH!!
In addition to the launch of Adidas "Blue," we will be selling Momoca's new collection. Momoca is a local designer from Berkeley, California. She has been working with our store for years now and we love love love her creations! Momoca takes Adidas clothes and puts her own spin on it, her clothes completely one-of-a-kind. We adore her creativity with patterns and fabrics and admire her talents in sewing. The Momoca collection has Incorporated clothes from the Blue line, making them even MORE exclusive. And wait it gets better...ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE MOMOCA LINE WILL BENEFIT THE JAPAN RELIEF FUND. Check out her stuff at www.momoca.com.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you guys on Saturday!!! The event is from 11-7, and don't forget, the bboy/bgirl battle starts at 1pm!! We're beyond excited and hope everyone can make it out! Tell your friends!
X0X0, Shoebiz

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