June 15, 2011

Customized Toms by Alan Gonzalez and Kris Mestizo

ShoeBizSF x Toms Shoes has teamed up again to release Toms new One for One product, introducing their new line of Sunglasses. Whaaat?! Sunglasses? But, why, kids need sunglasses? Technically we all do, I mean sun rays on eyes? Not so good-but no, the kids don't get a pair of sunglasses like they do with the shoes. Instead of sunglasses, the kids receive eye care treatment . TOMS has partnered up with SEVA Foundation, and together are helping people in need of eye treatment in less fortunate countries.
Below are a couple examples of some shoes customized by local bay area artists.

Above are a pair of Toms customized by local artist Alan Gonzalez
Painted for Ellie, influenced by Mexican Style Day of the Dead designs.

Above are a pair of Toms Shoes customized by Kris Mestizo
for Rosie displaying nature at its best covered with bees and lady bugs.

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