January 23, 2009

More about Original by Originals

This season, Adidas teamed up with three fashion/streetwear designers who all represented Adidas brand values in their own way. We present quick bios as well as a few sneak peaks of each designer:

Jeremy Scott

Born in Missouri, educated at Pratt, he returned to American after showing in Paris for several years to establish his name. His previous collaboration with Adidas showcased his tribute to Keith Haring in what were some of the boldest sneakers and tracksuit ever released by the brand. Best known for his outrageous and tongue-in-cheek designs, his unique creations have been worn by celebrities including Kanye West, Bjork, Lil Wayne and many more. His striking pop art designs always command attention.

Alyasha Owerka-Moore

A native of Brooklyn, fluent in Cantonese, versed in streetwear, he has designed with well recognized urban fashion houses such as Mecca, Phat Farm, Alphanumeric, and many more.
His collection showcases a nostalgic Americana with an Originals twist.

Kazuki Kuraishi

A "jack of all trades", he is a freelance designer who is also an integral part of the Fragment Collective. He is actively part of the disgn process for the likes of Neighborhood, Levis Fenom, iDiom, and Visvim, as well designing sleeves and artwork for underground Japanese musicians. Kazuki has previously worked with adidas Originals as a Neighborhood collaborator and adicolor for Taro Okamoto.

This collection has begun to drop! Expect it to come throughout February and March! Come by or call us to learn more!
1420 Haight St. (up the glass elevator!)
(415) 861-3797

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