June 30, 2007

Shoe Biz homies Joshy D. and Mike G. (Rebel 8)

So… I first met Joshy years ago, through a mutual friend. Not too far into the friendship he started making a few t-shirts here and there. He gave me one. I liked it. I can remember seeing him on lower Haight, putting stickers for what would turn out to be a rad company, on parking meters, walls, bar bathrooms and various other places. I thought he was silly at first, but then offered to help and left with a big stack of Rebel 8 stickers. Years down the road as his company grew I was fortunate enough to be a small part of it. I started going to trade shows with him and helped spread the Rebel 8 word. That’s where I met Mike. I think I met him briefly at the Hemlock years ago, however this is when I started to get to know him. Mike was in town and needed some shoes so him and Josh stopped by the shoe store. I had Mike sign one of the shoes he designed for Adidas. Mikey is Rad. Joshy is Rad.

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