June 5, 2007

Exclusive Vintage Nike Waffle Racers.

Do you like vintage, have you ever ran track, or are you simply a Nike Head. Well here is your chance at history. Nike has dug deep in there bag of tricks to come out with the “Vintage Waffle Pack.” Four shoes that Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman collaborated on to make what Nike is today. Originally Bill Bowerman thought up the idea of making the soles with a waffle maker for his University of Oregon runners. The result; four shoes with several vintage color ways each possessing the waffle surface seen on Steve Prefontaine. Prefontaine was the first Nike Sponsored Athlete so you can only imagine. Although I doubt these shoes were made with Bowerman's waffle maker, you still get the same quality with a piece of Nike history.
These shoes are limited world wide. They will sell out quick so be sure to not sleep. Come get your pair at the only location in Northern California, 877 Valencia Shoebiz.


R said...

Don't you guys sell yosuke shoes?

doris said...

I was looking for Yosuke shoes too... navigated from their website. Do you carry them in any of your stores?

~ dgiddygoth

doris said...

Yes, I was looking for Yosuke shoes too. Do you carry them in any of your stores in SF?